Welcome to TCAT Jacksboro

The Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology  continue to serve as the premier providers for workforce development throughout the State of Tennessee. The colleges fulfill the mission by:
  • Providing competency-based training through traditional and distance learning instructional delivery systems of the highest quality that will qualify individuals for employment and/or advancement in jobs.
  • Providing high quality training and retraining of employed workers.
  • Providing high quality training that is economical and accessible to all residents of Tennessee, thereby contributing to economic and community development of the communities we serve.

TCAT at Jacksboro Mission Statement

Our mission  is to provide high quality, competency-based technical training to all individuals by teaching the skills necessary to become competitive in their efforts to secure lasting and rewarding employment in the current job market.

We are also equally dedicated to providing customized special industry training for area businesses and industries as they strive to train, re-train, or upgrade the skills of their employees in order to remain competitive in a global workplace.

TCAT at Jacksboro Philosophy and Purpose

It is our philosophy that technical education should be a balanced program of studies and work experiences with a common objective of producing employable and competent workers.  The College believes that all eligible citizens should have the privilege and opportunity to set their occupational goals.  We are dedicated to assisting those citizens with their goal setting and providing them the training experiences necessary to achieve those goals.  Because of the wide and varied differences in education, abilities, and ambitions, we believe individualized training is the key to student success. 

Through high-quality training, our College is also dedicated to improving the earning power of local citizens and helping them to achieve a better way of life.  We are committed to serving business and industry by providing them with the skilled workers that they require.


Calculation of Placement Rates

Placement rates for the institution and its programs are calculated and submitted annually according to the rules of the Council on Occupational Education (COE). Placement for COE is considered a completer of a program who (1) is employed in the field of education pursued or in a related field, or (2) has received the appropriate credential and entered the military or continued his/her education. Valid employment in the field or a related field includes placement in a permanent full- or part-time position with an employer or employment agency, or self-employment in the field of education or a related field. Completers that are unavailable for placement are excluded from this calculation. Students may be considered unavailable for placement due to incarceration, pregnancy, serious health-related issues, caring for ill family members, death and refusing employment. Schools must provide documentation needed to show that the students failed to keep interviews, enrolled in programs for personal use, or refused jobs in their fields or related fields of study.